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Reasons to Undergo LASIK Vision Correction Surgery
by Craig Bindi, MD

Is your eyesight as good as it could be? There are numerous individuals that are still wondering why people prefer Wavefront Lasik surgery to the other options that are available. The main reason for this is that all laser Lasik surgery is able to completely restore 20/20 vision in most cases. There are some people that consider the surgery expensive, however, if you take into consideration the total amount you will spend annually on glasses or other eyesight aids, then you will clearly that Lasik price factors don’t even compare. It is much more affordable than continuing on with corrective vision aids. The surgery will enable you to save a huge amount of money, since the price is a one-time fee. The problem with having contact lenses or glasses is that your eye grade will change annually, and the only way you can avoid this is by undergoing surgery.

Guidance and Care

LASIK surgeons are capable of healing a variety of eye problems, including astigmatism. It is for this reason that many patients find LASIK surgery to be their only option. The Laser Eye Center of Silicone Valley does their utmost best to provide an exceptional surgical experience. Laser eye surgery isn’t for everyone. It is a personal choice that only the patient can make. Our patient care specialists will guide patients by informing them of the options that are available, but the patient must decide on their own if the procedure is right for their needs.

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Lasik price is extremely affordable, when it gives patients the ability to see clearly once again. Patients are thrilled to be free of restrictions where their eyesight is concerned, which is why they come to our San Mateo, CA office for surgery consultations. Are you considering corrective eye surgery, but are worried about the costs or what the procedure involves? Consult with Dr. Craig Bindi and the experts at the Laser Eye Center today to discuss your options and see what we can do for you!