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No Glasses. No Contacts.

Our Simple Three Step Process:

Step 1: Schedule consultation to determine candidacy

Step 2: Correct your vision (15 minute laser procedure)

Step 3: Enjoy! Life is better & more simple without lenses

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“Let us help you FIX YOUR VISION to simplify & improve every waking moment.” – Dr. Craig Bindi

As one of the most experienced refractive surgeons in the United States, Dr. Craig Bindi has distinguished himself from other veteran surgeons with his personalized “one-to-one” approach to patient care. Over the past twenty years, he’s been trusted for LASIK by over 100 NFL players and become the Bay Area’s top-rated & most-reviewed Vision Correction Surgeon.

Safe. Gentle. Amazing. 

Renowned for Best-In-Class Technology, learn about the unique strides we’ve taken to offer the most progressive technology lineup available in the Bay Area.

Q: What if vision changes years after LASIK? 
A: We’ve got a plan to fine-tune it.

Our “Extended Vision Plan” exemplifies our solid commitment to maintain your clear vision long after your procedure.

Over 100 NFL Players
Have Chosen Dr. Craig Bindi

Thankful For All Of Our Amazing Patients

Rachel Leigh Cook
& Our Patient

Carlos Santana
Iconic guitarist
& Our LASIK patient

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