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SMILE LASIK (Small Incision LASIK) is the newest form of LASIK. It allows for an even quicker recovery and maximum comfort for you.

SMILE LASIK has been available for over a decade and is a slight variation on All-Laser LASIK.  In this procedure, we use a single laser to perform the treatment where a contact-lens shaped layer of tissue is created by the laser and then removed through a tiny opening.  It does offer some slight advantages in terms of recovery and may offer some benefit in terms of reducing the risk of dry eye.  However, it cannot be performed on people who are farsighted (hyperopic). 

Advantages of SMILE LASIK?

✓ It’s Safe and Proven – Over 4 million SMILE LASIK procedures performed worldwide.

✓ It’s Comfortable – SMILE LASKI uses the lowest pressure laser available.

✓  It’s FAST – Return to working out, swimming, and wearing makeup even faster!

How does it work?

SMILE LASIK is performed using an advanced all-in-one laser. During treatment, the laser creates a thin, contact-lens shaped layer just beneath the surface of the eye. The layer is removed through a tiny opening. This changes the shape of the cornea, thereby correcting your vision!

Am I a candidate?

We usually recommend SMILE LASIK for patients with nearsightedness, with or without astigmatism, especially for people who want to return to their active lifestyle quickly . The best way to find out for sure is to come in for your FREE consultation!

We've been patients too!

“Having had SMILE LASIK vision correction myself, I strive to elevate the patient experience and enjoy introducing vision correction to more people “

-Joe Ling, M.D.

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SMILE LASIK Opening ~ 4mm – 6mm

  • Quick visual recovery
  • No flap required
  • Requires one laser only
  • Quick return to normal activities


LASIK Opening ~ 20mm

  • Quick visual recovery
  • Wide range of treatment options
  • Requires creation of a flap on the cornea
  • May require use of multiple lasers


Epithelial surface removed

  • More suitable for patients with thin corneas or cornea scars
  • Requires removal and regrowth of epithelial cells
  • Postoperative healing period can often be uncomfortable
  • May require more time off from work and activities 

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