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What is Refractive Cataract Surgery?

The goal of refractive cataract surgery is to allow patients to function most to all of the time without glasses for distance or near tasks. This is in contrast to basic cataract surgery, which usually requires patients to still use glasses to see at distance, near or both. We perform refractive cataract surgery when our Advanced Vision Analysis determines the presence of a cataract that interferes with vision. We offer a complimentary review of your insurance plan to see if some of the fee will be covered by insurance.

This is an outpatient procedure where the cloudy lens is replaced with an advanced clear lens implant. Advanced cataracts can usually be partially-covered by one’s medical insurance.  If our reimbursement specialist determines your plan is eligible, he or she will work with you to receive reimbursement directly from your carrier.   


Basic or traditional cataract surgery is typically performed in a surgery center or hospital setting. With refractive cataract surgery, your procedure is performed in our state-of-the-art surgical suite here at our main office.  This provides much greater comfort for each patient as well as anyone accompanying them on procedure day.  Patients tell us they appreciate seeing the same smiling faces they got to know during their consultation and pre-operative measurement exam.

We also treat both eyes in the same surgical session, which offers greater convenience for patients.  Having both eyes treated the same day reduces overall recovery time and the total number of appointments. 


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