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VIRTUAL, IN-OFFICE and PHONE Consultations

Sheltering-in-place due to COVID-19? For your safety, we offer VIRTUAL ONLINE CONSULTATIONS and PHONE CALL CONSULTATIONS without having to physically come into our office or pay any money. It’s become a very popular way to learn all about Modern LASIK from an expert, while sheltering-in-place at home. These sessions are comfortable, engaging and highly informative. You’ll learn: how long does LASIK last? Is LASIK safe? Does it hurt? How long is the recovery? What’s the most modern technology? And much more! Later, we can arrange your “in-office” measurement exam and procedure if/when appropriate. 

Why Choose Laser Eye Center? Eight facts tell our story:

1) Our “Safety-First” Approach: We know our limitations. We have advised over 9,000 patients to NOT have a procedure because they were not ideal candidates, just to be safe.

2) Leadership: Setting the trend for Bay Area LASIK, we were the very first center in the Bay Area to perform “Wavefront-Guided LASIK” and also the very first to perform “All-Laser Custom LASIK” in Silicon Valley, which has since become the gold standard in the industry.

3) Outcome Analysis: Striving for perfect results, our mathematical outcome analysis software program has greatly improved our LASIK accuracy by reducing our LASIK re-treatment rate by 50%.

4) Experience: Our LASIK specialist, Dr. Craig S. Bindi, has performed over 50,000 LASIK procedures and ranks in the 99th percentile among US eye doctors.

6) Concierge-Style Care: Plain and simple, we want you to feel comfortable. Dr. Craig Bindi is personally involved at every step to make sure that your once-in-a-lifetime LASIK experience is safe, effective and amazing.

7) Technological Advantage: Renowned for best-in-class technology, we offer the most updated femtosecond and excimer lasers (Zeiss VisuMax/WaveLight EX500) available, anywhere!

8) Most-Reviewed & Highest Reviewed: Since 2009, Dr. Craig Bindi has been recognized as the “#1 LASIK Surgeon in the Bay Area” by previous patients on “Best of Yelp”. Thank you!