The Bay Area’s Most Progressive Technology Lineup

Unique in the Bay Area, we offer all three types of FDA-approved laser procedures (LASIK, Epi-LASIK/PRK, and SMILE LASIK), AND all three types of custom laser vision correction technology (Wavefront-Guided, Wavefront-Optimized and Topo-Guided Phorcides-enabled Contoura Vision), as well as Visian ICL lens implants and Corneal Inlays. Here’s our current inventory of technology :

VisuMax® femtosecond laser

The most highly-evolved femtosecond laser. Ever.

Yes, we have the VisuMax! The VisuMax is used for All-Laser LASIK and SMILE LASIK. Our VisuMax femtosecond laser represents one of the most exciting breakthroughs in Laser Vision correction in the past 10 years as it is the ONLY FDA-approved femtosecond laser that can perform the minimally-invasive “SMILE LASIK procedure” for nearsightedness, as well as All-Laser LASIK. This high-performance German-engineered laser is ultra-precise, yet so gentle that the patient literally “feels nothing”. Key features separate VisuMax from all other femtosecond lasers:

•  It’s the ONLY laser FDA-approved for SMILE LASIK
•  Only the VisuMax is gentle enough to perform “Air LASIK”
•  VisuMax lasers uses about one-eighth the energy of other femtosecond lasers

Alcon’s EX500 Allegretto® excimer laser

The most modern wavefront excimer laser on Earth.

In the Bay Area, we are the first Laser Eye Center outfitted with technology to perform ALL three FDA-approved Custom Laser Vision Correction (Wavefront-Guided, Wavefront Optimized and Topo-Guided Contoura Vision) treatments with the Alcon EX500 Allegretto laser. This ultra-fast German-engineered excimer laser can complete most treatments in less than 10 seconds and can track eye movements over 1000 times/second.

Striving for an ideal patient experience, we’ve linked our femtosecond laser “side-be-side” with our wavefront excimer laser to seamlessly provide:

  • Better visual acuity results
  • Better night vision results
  • Lower re-treatment rates
  • Optimal patient comfort

Intralase iFS® 150 femtosecond laser

Safe. Customizable. Proven.

The iFS Intralase is our 5th generation femtosecond laser. In addition to All-Laser LASIK, the iFS 150 Intralase has the capability to create corneal pockets and tunnels used for Kamra, Raindrop and Intacs inlays. More All-Laser LASIK procedures have been performed with Intralase femtosecond lasers compared to any other femtosecond laser in the United States. The iFS Intralase has a proven track record for safety and is fully customizable to create inverted-bevel flap edge architecture, and elliptically-shaped LASIK flaps for ideal astigmatism treatments in just 12 seconds.

The new 5th generation iFS Intralase has signficant advantages over the 4th generation Intralase, including:

•  Fast recovery and healing
•  Fewer dry eye symptoms
•  Better flap architecture with “inverted bevel” design
•  Better for treating astigmatism (elliptically-shaped flap)
•  Shorter surgical time (2.5 times faster than 4th generation)

Our Diagnostic Technology

The most detailed vision analysis you’ll ever have.

Our “Advanced Vision Analysis” provides the technological roadmap required to navigate toward your best treatment option. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of our modern diagnostic technology (Pentacam, Vario, Allegro, Acutarget, Avanti OCT)  is represented by our commitment to identify subtle risk factors that reveal when the safest option is… not having a procedure.