Diagnostic Technology

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Our Advanced Vision Analysis

Assortment Of Thoughtfully-Designed Technology

The Pentacam (Scheimphlug image-based topography) and the WaveLight Vario Topolyzer (Placido ring-based topography) use alternative corneal imaging technologies. We utilize not one, but two different yet complimentary corneal topographer technologies that compete to identify subtle corneal risk factors that could be left undetected by using either one by itself, just to be safe.

Pentacam® Corneal Tomographer

The Pentacam is the “gold standard” diagnostic device for detecting subtle corneal abnormalities and risk factors used to determine one’s LASIK candidacy. Using a sophisticated Scheimphlug camera scanning system, the Pentacam measures over 25,000 ocular data points to create a 3D model of the eye used for surgical planning. We use the Pentacam’s proprietary “Belin-Ambrosio Display” software analysis on every single patient during surgical planning.

Wavefront Vario® Topolyzer

Our Topolyzer is the only FDA-approved diagnostic device that can be used for custom ContouraVision® (Topo-Guided LASIK/Epi-LASIK). Unlike our “Scheimpflug-based” Pentacam, the Vario Topolyzer uses a “Placido ring-based” corneal scanning system that references 22,000 elevation points and iris registration to precisely align the laser treatment on the visual axis and compensate for eye movements and eye rotation (cyclotorsion) for better visual outcomes.

Allegro® Wavefront Aberrometry Analyzer

Our Allegro Wavefront Analyzer is a diagnostic device that measures high-order optical aberrations used in surgical planning.

Based on the Tscherning principle, our FDA-approved Allegro Analyzer transfers its optical data to the WaveLight EX500 Allegretto Wavefront excimer laser for computer-controlled Wavefront-Guided LASIK or Epi-LASIK/PRK.

AcuTarget HD® Optical Analyzer

AcuTarget is a unique diagnostic device that objectively quantifies a patient’s quality of vision and visual potential by dynamically analyzing intra-ocular light scatter.

It is most useful in determining if one is a better candidate for Laser Vision Correction, Corneal Inlay or a lens-based procedure.

OptoVue Avanti® OCT

The OptoVue Avanti Ocular Coherence Tomographer (OCT) provides the most detailed cross-sectional structural analysis of the cornea and anterior segment.

This is a crucial diagnostic for surgical planning in Corneal Inlays, Visian ICL, and post-LASIK corneal procedures.

Konan CellChek® Specular Microscopy

Used for imaging the health of the inner surface of the cornea (endothelium), the Konan CellChek is critical in determining if one is a candidate for treating extreme nearsightedness with the Visian ICL (“Insertable Contact Lens”).

Yes, vision exams are very different now!