EX500 Allegretto Laser

How is our 6th Generation Wavefront laser different from its predecessors?

In addition to treating nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, the EX500 Allegretto excimer laser was specifically designed to address certain concerns that had remained unsolved by its predecessors. Advancements in optical, laser and medical sciences have improved our capability to preserve natural optical contours of the human cornea in producing higher quality vision and more natural night vision results.


LASIK Night Vision Problems

Unique features of the EX500 Allegretto:

  1. Briefest treatment times: The average laser treatment time is less than 10 seconds due to its best-in-class 500 Hz laser ablation speed (or approximately 1.4 seconds per diopter treated). Prior excimer lasers would take up to 90 seconds to complete the treatment, thereby exposing the cornea to dehydration and over-corrections. The EX500’s rapid repetition rate shortens procedure times to improves accuracy.
  2. Best alignment technology: Equipped with iris registration, the EX500’s multi-dimensional eye tracker is unmatched in its ability to instantaneously track eye movements over 1000 times per second (1050Hz tracker). If there is a large movement, the EX500 will briefly pause until perfect alignment is reestablished.
  3. Most capable: The EX500 is the only excimer laser FDA-approved for all three customized treatments: wavefront-optimized, topographic-guided and wavefront-guided. For patients with larger pupils, the EX500 is capable of treating true optical zones of up to 8mm to minimize postoperative halos and glare.
  4. Most predictable: A fastest laser treatment combined with the most advanced eye tracker AND the best laser alignment system add up for the most predictable vision results.







From a patient’s perspective… Let’s do a rehearsal!

Wonder what it would be like to undergo Laser Vision Correction? The photo below is the actual view that a patient can see during the EX500 laser treatment. After a sedative pill and numbing eye drops, Dr. Craig Bindi will calmly walk you through the process.

Here we go: “Try to look toward the green light in the center. Don’t worry if you move because the laser will track eye movements 1000 times per second and will briefly pause if there is extra movement. Don’t worry about blinking because an instrument will prevent your eyes from closing. The EX500 laser treatment will be complete in about 10 seconds. Nice work, that’s it!”