What You Need To Know About Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery

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At the Laser Eye Center Silicon Valley in San Francisco, CA we are proud to be a provider of revolutionary Wavefront LASIK surgery techniques to improve the overall quality of life for our valued patients. Lasik astigmatism procedures can fix astigmatism, and a range of other eye issues. Wavefront LASIK surgery is a type of eye surgery that uses 3D images of the patient’s eye to determine the best route that can be used during eye surgery. The precision of this procedure is phenomenal, because patients will have sharp vision that is even better than what they would experience with contacts or glasses. The procedure usually involves a computer that generates tests to analyze the different ways in which your eye refracts light. The results will help to determine the best course of action to take. The fact that 3D is utilized in this surgery means that the possibilities of having a poorly constructed or uneven flap over the patient’s cornea are greatly reduced.

Eligibility and Costs

There are a few requirements that patients must meet before they will be allowed to undergo LASIK surgery. Affordable LASIK eye surgery is usually the ideal solution for correcting visionproblems, but there are some instances when it is not a good idea. Your surgeon must first ensure that you are qualified to have the surgery based on the current condition of your eyes. They can make this determination by giving you a free Lasik eye exam. Your surgeon will then present you with options, and inform you more about the laser eye surgery cost and other related expenses. Contact our office at the Laser Eye Center of Silicone Valley to get started. Let Dr. Bindi and his staff members make your dream of having perfect vision a reality.