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5 Signs Your Child May Need An Eye Exam

Vision problems among young children are far more common than you would think. Many kids under the age of 10 live with mild to moderate nearsightedness for several years before their visual impairment is first detected, often by someone else. Part of the reason for

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What You Need To Know About Sunglasses

Lots of people wear sunglasses because they are trendy. They focus on appearance or brand name rather than UV protection, and that can be dangerous. Because studies show that people don’t protect their eyes from the sun nearly enough. There is no reason you can’t

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A Diet for Healthy Eyes

The following post was inspired by Dr Bindi, who is an avid runner, walker and longevity enthusiast.  He enjoys eating the Mediterranean way (part of his Italian heritage!) and found this post helpful for anyone wanting to know how diet can help vision: It is

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