Extended Vision Plan

our commitment to maintain your clear vision

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Our long term perspective…

What happens if your vision changes after LASIK? With our “Extended Vision Plan”, if your vision gradually worsens with age, we’ll perform a re-treatment procedure to fine-tune your distance vision at no cost, even if it is decades later!

Without Time Limitations

What if your vision changes after LASIK? With our Extended Vision Plan, if your vision declines with age, we’ll perform a re-treatment procedure to at no cost, as long as it is medically-advisable.

Our warranty stays in effect without any time constraints to cover a re-treatment procedure for the lifetime of Dr. Bindi’s LASIK business.

With this warranty, we are strongly motivated to get your vision right the first time and have it last for a long time.

Without Additional Payments

Some centers obligate you to attend yearly appointments to maintain their warranty ($150/year). If you accidentally miss one appointment, their warranty can be nullified. Assuming you attended every annual appointment, after 10 years, you’d have spent an additional $1,500, so the re-treatment is actually not “free”.

We do not require you to assume any other payment obligation or maintain yearly eye exams to remain eligible for our plan.

Regardless of Your Vision

Some LASIK centers “guarantee” contains a subtle clause that only takes effect if one’s vision is “WORSE than 20/40”. It can actually take several years, or even decades, to gradually decline from 20/15 to 20/20 to 20/25 to 20/30 to 20/40 and then finally to 20/50.

Since most patients typically won’t want to wait until their vision eventually declines to 20/50, patients get stuck paying for an uncovered re-treatment (or wear glasses again), due to this easily overlooked restriction.


While LASIK procedures are designed to last for a long time, one’s vision may eventually change with age.  Age-related changes are unavoidable. Similarly, one wouldn’t expect new glasses prescription to maintain “perfect 2020 vision” forever. On average, the LASIK procedure typically results in clear vision for over 10 years. This is why it is important to have a stable baseline prescription before your procedure. Our re-treatment plan is based on human physiology and realistic expectations. Our well-informed patients understand that LASIK is usually long lasting but not necessarily “permanent”. Recognize that not all re-treatment policies are as comprehensive as our Extended Vision Plan. We have set up this plan for your peace of mind, just in case your vision worsens with age (or sooner than you expected). Our only request is that you return the favor by telling others about the amazing care you received at our Laser Eye Center.

You Won’t Find A Better Plan.