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LASIK: How To Treat Dry Eyes

One of the most common side effects of LASIK surgery is temporary discomfort caused by dry eyes. Some patients who undergo LASIK experience “dry-eye” symptoms such as light sensitivity and a burning sensation until their eyes heal fully from the surgery, usually after about 6

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Wavefront Scans

Safety Concerns: Is LASIK Right For You?

Safety is the most important factor in determining whether any patient is an ideal candidate for LASIK surgery. While LASIK is an FDA-approved procedure with a very high success rate, most patients want to know that the surgery is as safe and foolproof as possible.

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Bay Area LASIK Eye Exam

LASIK Surgery: Separating Fact From Fiction

  If you’ve researched LASIK surgery on the Internet, you’ve probably seen that there is a wealth of contradictory information out there. Opinions on the safety and effectiveness of LASIK run from “you may go blind” to “there is no risk and no side effects”.

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