Wavefront LASIK

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DiscoveringWavefrontLASIK Eye Surgery
In Palo Alto
by Craig Bindi, MD

In traditional LASIK astigmatism procedures, a laser was used to reshape the cornea of the eye, so that the eye could take on its original shape. Our new wavefront LASIK procedure is a slight variation that uses wavefront sensors to measure the eye, in order to come up with the perfect route to use during surgery. The new technology also has the ability to detect any irregularities that are on the eye lenses, to determine if there are any optical aberrations that are affecting the patient’s vision. The procedure basically sculpts your cornea through customized reading, to ensure that your vision is corrected. This is what makes the results of this procedure much better than those of the traditional LASIK procedures.

Side Effect Improvements

The typical side effects that are associated with traditional LASIK eye surgery include poor night vision and halos. However, specialists are pleased to find that patients do not experience these same effects when they have wavefront LASIK eye surgery. These improvements are made possible with new technology that allows the surgeon to become aware of any necessary information that they might need to know about the patient’s eyes, before the surgery occurs. Wavefront Lasik Surgery is relatively affordable, and it is not invasive at all.

Getting Started with a Consultation

Contact the professionals at the Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley today for information on affordable Lasik eye surgery. The friendly staff members at our Palo Alto office will be more than happy to discuss the pros and cons of the surgery, so that you will be able to make an informed choice. You will most likely be eligible for a free Lasik eye exam, so you have nothing to lose in going through the consultation process. Our laser eye surgery cost is quite comparable to other providers in the local area, so you can expect premium affordable services in a comfortable atmosphere when you choose our office for your surgical eye care needs. Dr. Craig Bindi and the experts at the Laser Eye Center are your best choice for San Francisco LASIK eye surgery.