Cost & Payment Plans

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All the money you’d save paying for glasses, contacts and optometric fees could be spent on vacations and fun stuff instead!

We provide the best vision correction care possible with our middle-of-the-road pricing compared to America’s other most reputable surgeons. Call (877) 438-2020 to learn how to make a procedure affordable within your budget.

Payment Plans

1) Our most popular payment plan:

$0 down / 0% interest / $0 fees / 24 monthly payments

2) Extended-term payment plans:

We also offer special financing plans for 36, 48 or 60 months to help you afford a procedure without stressing your budget.

Using “Pre-Tax” Dollars for LASIK

With a Flex Spending Account or Health Saving Account, you can use “PRE-TAX DOLLARS” for LASIK. These tax-advantaged employee benefits are one of the most common ways to save a lot of money (up to 40%) on LASIK.

Call us today so we can explain how to maximize your employer’s tax-advantaged benefits before your open enrollment period ends for this year.

Average Cost

The cost for your procedure depends on the specific type of procedure that is recommended for you. During your free consultation, your patient counselor will explain the exact price and payment plan based on your procedure, insurance coverage benefits, and any other available promotions. We’ve put together this report to help you get an idea of the average cost of LASIK:

Our “Extended Vision Plan”

What happens if your vision begins to change years after LASIK? Our “Extended Vision Plan” exemplifies our solid commitment to help your vision stay clear long after your procedure.

If your vision gradually worsens with age, we’ll perform a re-treatment procedure to fine-tune your distance vision at NO COST.

Want to save over $5000 every 10 years?

Ever wonder if you can afford LASIK? When you add-up all your recurring costs involved with a lifetime of glasses and contacts, a one-time LASIK treatment is usually a much more cost-effective solution. Most Americans spends over $500-$900 per year for their prescription glasses, frames, contact lenses & supplies, and optometric fees (That totals $10,000-$18,000 over 20 years, which doubles or quadruples the cost of LASIK!) So, the REAL question is, “Can you afford to keep wearing glasses and contacts?” Take 60 seconds to calculate how much you could save by having LASIK:

Getting LASIK