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A Smart Way To Pay For LASIK

Many people are surprised to learn that the U.S. Government permits you to use PRE-TAX DOLLARS to pay for LASIK vision correction through your employer’s Health Savings Account. This is one of the smartest way to get your vision fixed AND also maximize your employer’s tax savings benefit.

But, Open Enrollment ends soon!

Time is running out before the Open Enrollment Period ends for most Bay Area employers, so this may be the ideal moment to plan your Health Savings Account. It’s easy, but before you officially designate your PRE-TAX DOLLARS into a health savings account, make sure you are a good candidate for Modern LASIK by scheduling your free consultation with Dr. Craig Bindi in San Jose or Pleasanton. Or, if you’ve already allocated your valuable pre-tax dollars for use by the end of 2019, there still may be some time to complete your procedure before you forfeit your tax benefit in 2019.

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