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VisuMax:The most highly evolved femotsecond laser
Safe. Gentle. Amazing.
by Craig Bindi, MD

How to Get Perfect Vision in 15 Minutes

Today, the use of glasses and contacts are a thing of the past. If you really want to regain 20/20 vision within a short period of time, then the most ideal option that you have is Lasik vision correction surgery. The Lasik Eye Center of Silicone Valley performs thousands of these surgeries, to give quality of life back to those who struggle with their vision. From flex Lasik to custom Lasik procedures, Dr. Bindi and his team of dedicated staff members provide exceptional care. The surgical procedure usually lasts between 15 to 20 minutes, and your Lasik eye surgeon will ensure that you don’t feel any pain at all. Anesthesia will be used to make the procedure quite comfortable. After the operation is complete, the top layer of the eye is returned to its original position, so that it can go through the healing process, which lasts about 4 days.

The Benefits of Lasik Surgery

Once patients visit our Fremont, CA office to receive their Lasik eye surgery, they are thrilled with the results. Some patients describe being able to see the world from a whole different perspective, with crystal clear vision. The main benefits that these patients seem to enjoy are that they no longer have to deal with glasses, contacts, or eye grade deterioration again. The only thing that most patients are concerned about is the cost of the procedure. However, if you calculate the price you would pay for eye exams, glasses, or contacts over an extended period of time, then Lasik surgery provides a huge cost savings. There are many Lasik surgeons in the Silicone Valley area, but Dr. Bindi and his team lead the way. They are highly skilled with the procedure, and patients will experience outstanding patient care when they come to the Laser Eye Center of Silicone Valley.

Getting Started and Dealing with Costs

In your research you will probably learn that the cornea is the part of the eye that is responsible for vision. There are certain eye defects that are characterized by the change in its shape. This is where the Lasik procedure can come in to reshape the cornea, in order to give patients the perfect vision they have dreamed about. Lasik cost is extremely low, and the results can be phenomenal. Contact us today to get started on your journey to perfect vision.