8 things you’ve wondered about LASIK…

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1) Can I go blind from LASIK?

No.  Dr. Craig Bindi has performed more than 50,000 procedures, and has never had a single person go blind or lose vision. But, of course, very many patients have asked us this question!

2) Does LASIK hurt?

No. Patients do not feel pain during or after LASIK… But many feel anxiety! On a scale of 1-10, LASIK is usually described as “0/10” or “1/10” in terms of  pain.

3) What if I move/blink during LASIK?

Not to worry.  Our laser tracks eye movements 1000 times per second, and we use a special device that prevents blinking. So even if you tried to blink, it won’t affect your results. 

4) What if there’s a power outage during LASIK?

Good question! But no need to worry… We utilize UPS (uninterruptible power supply) in case PG&E has any issues. 

5) Are there different types of laser vision correction procedures?

Yes.  We perform all 3 types of modern vision correction and can treat astigmatism as well. Each type gives the same results and costs the same at our office. We choose the one that is the best fit for you. 

6) Is LASIK affordable?

Here’s a tool to help you calculate how much you would save by choosing modern vision correction and how many years until you’ll break even.   

7) When can I resume work and activities after LASIK?

Our LASIK patients usually return to work the very next day. Other procedures may require about five days before returning to work. 

8) What if my vision changes years after LASIK? 

LASIK treats nearsightedness, farsightedness AND astigmatism, like your glasses or contacts do. Just like you wouldn’t expect a pair of prescription glasses or contacts to correct for your lifetime, your vision may eventually drift or worsen with age after LASIK too. Your expectations should be realistic. So, here’s an article about LASIK & Realistic Expectations so you can learn all about this topic.