4 things that seem creepy… but really aren’t

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4 things that seem “creepy”  to some patients 

While you begin to imagine being able to simply wake up & see, here’s a list of the 4 things that “creep out” some patients when considering a procedure (and how we help address each of them). 

1) “I’m afraid of blindness”

I’ve never had a single person go blind or lose their vision after performing more than 50,000 procedures over 20 years. I won’t perform a procedure unless I’m confident you can achieve excellent vision results. I understand your vision is precious and blindness won’t happen. 

Fun fact: I’m not superstitious, but many patients avoid scheduling their procedure on Friday the 13th, and would prefer any another day of the month! 


2) “I’m afraid of pain”

Fortunately, there’s no pain due to powerful numbing eye drops. Listen to Gina’s 3-minute youtube video. She was a quite nervous patient before her procedure, but felt quite relieved at how the procedure actually went.


3) “I’m afraid I might move or blink during the procedure”

Not to worry.  Our laser tracks eye movements 1000 times per second, and we use a special instrument that prevents blinking. 


4) “I’m afraid of a power outage during my procedure”

Just to be safe, we utilize a backup power supply (UPS – uninterruptible power supply) in case PG&E has any issues. 


Bonus item: “I’m afraid I can’t afford it”

Want to calculate how many years until you break even with a procedure? Here’s a tool to help you calculate how much you would save by choosing a one-time vision correction procedure, instead of paying for recurring expenses of prescription glasses, contact lenses, supplies, and optometric fees each year forever. We will send you another email that goes into this item in more detail.