Only The Best

The Laser Eye Center was the first
center in the Bay Area to perform
“True Custom” Wavefront LASIK.

Now, the Laser Eye Center offers
the most modern version of the
Allegretto Wave Eye-Q wavefront
laser AND the latest 5th generation
iFS 150 Intralase femtosecond laser for
the best All-Laser LASIK available.


The Pentacam

The Pentacam Corneal Topography
System is the gold standard for pre-LASIK
eye measurements and is the most sophisticated device at detecting subtle corneal abnormalities and LASIK risk factors to determine if one is a candidate for LASIK.

A sophisticated Scheipmflug camera system
scans the cornea, anterior chamber, iris, and lens
and takes up to 25,000 measured data points
in a scan time of 2 seconds per eye. From this data
a 3D model of the eye can be constructed and analyzed.

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iFS Intralase femtosecond laser

The new 5th generation iFS Intralase is the most advanced laser for 'All-Laser LASIK' and has significant advantages over the 4th generation Intralase and other femtosecond lasers:

- Faster visual recovery and healing
- Fewer dry eye symptoms
- Better flap architecture with "inverted bevel" design.
- Better for treating astigmatism (elliptically-shaped flap)
- Shorter surgical time (2.5 times faster than 4th generation)

As the industry's gold standard femtosecond laser, over 90% of "All-Laser LASIK" procedures have been performed with an Intralase laser. One of the major innovations that the new iFS system provides is the ability to create an inverted bevel architecture at the edge of the flap. Like a "tongue-in-grove" carpentry joint, the reverse bevel edge fits perfectly.

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Allegretto Wave Eye-Q laser

After extensive experience with all major excimer laser manufacturers (VISX, Bausch & Lomb, Alcon, Nidek, etc), The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q is currently our preferred wavefront excimer laser (2014). The Allegretto Wave laser is the only laser on the market that is capable of both "Wavefront-guided" and "Wavefront-optimized" custom laser ablations.

Though our prior wavefront lasers also achieved quite good outcomes, the Allegretto has resulted in better visual acuity, better night vision results, better predictability, and lower re-treatment rate, comparatively. It offers a sophisticated eye-movement tracking system, and its laser ablation profile results in a more natural prolate shape for the human cornea. At the end of the day, we prefer the Allegretto Wave laser for our patients.

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