Cost & Payment Plans

Payment & Financing Options

We strive to provide the best vision correction care possible at a fair market value with our middle-of-the-road pricing compared to other highly-reputable surgeons. Call (877) 438-2020 or apply for a payment plan online (below) to learn how to make a procedure affordable within your budget.

$0 Down / 0% Interest for 24 Months

Our most popular payment plan:

$0 down

0% interest

Affordable payments paid over 24 months

Payment Calculator

Special financing plans for 24, 36, 48 or 60 months are designed to allow you to afford a procedure without stressing your budget.

The online payment calculator can help you quickly understand different fixed-payment options with affordable monthly payments.


Flexible Spending Accounts

With a Flex Spending Account, you can use “pre-tax” dollars for LASIK. Flexible Spending Plans and Health Savings Accounts are one of the best ways to save a lot of money (up to 40%) on LASIK.

Call us today so we can explain how to maximize your employer’s tax-advantaged benefits before your open enrollment period ends for this year.

Our Extended Vision Plan

What happens if your vision begins to change years after LASIK? Our “Extended Vision Plan” exemplifies our solid commitment to help your vision stay clear long after your procedure. If your vision gradually worsens with age, we’ll perform a re-treatment procedure to fine-tune your distance vision at NO COST.

How Much Will My Procedure Cost?

The cost for your procedure depends on the specific type of procedure that is recommended for you. During your free consultation, one of our patient counselors will explain the exact price and payment plan based on your procedure, insurance coverage benefits, and any other available promotions.

To further assist you, we’ve put together this report to help you get an idea of the average cost of LASIK in the Bay Area:

Getting LASIK done