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VisuMax:The most highly evolved femotsecond laser
Safe. Gentle. Amazing.
by Craig Bindi, MD

Six features that differentiate the VisuMax from other femtosecond lasers:

As the first center in the Bay Area to perform All-Laser Wavefront LASIK with a femtosecond laser, Dr. Craig Bindi has upgraded through six generations of femtosecond technology.

  1. It’s the ONLY laser FDA-approved for SMILE.
    The VisuMax is the ONLY femtosecond laser capable of performing the SMILE procedure, which in a minimally-invasive painless, bladeless, flapless laser procedure can treat nearsightedness. SMILE is FDA-approved to treat pure nearsightedness with minimal astigmatism (0.50 D or less cyl). But for patients with visually-significant astigmatism or farsightedness, LASIK or Epi-LASIK/PRK are more effective options than SMILE.
  2. “Air LASIK” with VisuMax is more gentle.
    Striving for the most ideal patient experience, the VisuMax laser is the most comfortable femtosecond laser for All-Laser LASIK due to it’s intelligently-designed curved contact surface. The VisuMax offers a more natural and customizable anatomical fit compared to the one-size-fits-all planar-flat contact surfaces of the Ziemer, FS200 and Intralase femtosecond lasers. In fact, the minimal pressure of the VisuMax (50mmHg) is not perceived compared to 150-180 mmHg that can be uncomfortable with all other femto-lasers that have to firmly press down to operate. The unsurpassed patient experience with VisuMax has lead it to be referred to as “Air LASIK” since most patients literally “feel nothing” and eyes appear white and untouched within seconds after the procedure.
  3. VisuMax is more precise.
    The German-engineered ultra-precision laser optics by Zeiss render an optimally-focused laser beam precisely aimed at an exact fixed-depth. Only the VisuMax laser provides its nearly-ideal positional accuracy and spatial precision, as sequential laser pulses are placed at a fixed depth (within 3 microns), compared to 6-12 microns of variance with other femto laser systems. In fact, the VisuMax only uses about 14% of the total laser energy compared to other femtosecond lasers to minimize potential side effects and inflammation.
  4. Only VisuMax is truly “aligned” with one’s visual axis
    In addition to being more comfortable, the true benefit of the VisuMax’s curved contact surface is that it allows one to maintain visual fixation due to its minimally-induced pressure. This allows the VisuMax laser treatment to be properly-aligned on one’s “true visual axis”, rather than one’s pupil as a landmark as with all other femtosecond lasers. This alignment feature, combined with ideal spatial-positional accuracy, explain why only the VisuMax is solely-capable of a single-step femtosecond laser refractive procedure, such as SMILE, which would be impossible without these capabilities.
  5. VisuMax is finished in a blink.
    With a rapid laser pulse frequency of 500 pulses per second, VisuMax is done with LASIK in only 15 seconds per eye, and done with SMILE in about 30 seconds per eye. And, yes, there’s an instrument that gently prevents blinking during the process. So, VisuMax is practically done before the patient even knows it began!
  6. And…VisuMax can do everything else that other femtosecond lasers can do, too
    Lastly, the VisuMax is fully customizable to individualize each laser parameter and setting, which allows for inverted-bevel reverse-side edge architecture, and expanded geometrical treatment dimensions, etc. (So, basically, it’s pretty amazing!)
Combining the Best of Both Worlds
After decades of technological improvements, we’ve combined our 6th generation VisuMax femtosecond laser (left) with our WaveLight EX500 Allegretto wavefront laser (Right), for the most advanced version of All-Laser LASIK, Epi-LASIK and SMILE available anywhere!
VisuMax femtosecond laser
VisuMax femtosecond laser
WaveLight Ex500 Allegretto wavefront laser
WaveLight Ex500 Allegretto wavefront laser