SMILE: A Safer Alternative To Contacts

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Here’s how our FDA-Approved SMILE procedure provides a worry-free experience for you:

Highest Safety: SMILE is proven safer than long term contact lens wear, with no risk of blindness. For added peace of mind, in SMILE there is no corneal “flap”,  so the cornea remains mechanically strong.

Brief Procedure: The SMILE procedure is completed in less than 5 minutes per eye.

Zero Pain Procedure: There is zero discomfort or pain. Yes, “the patient literally feels nothing.”

Same Day Recovery: You can complete your surgery on a Friday afternoon and resume your normal activities the very next day, including high performance sports.

Less Dry Eye: Aside from eliminating unclean contact lenses that chronically irritate the moisture-producing glands on the ocular surface, SMILE is associated with less dry eye symptoms by preserving more corneal nerves compared to other laser procedures. SMILE is often preferred for patients with concerns about dry eyes or people with extended computer screen use.

Better Lifestyle: With SMILE, you can live spontaneously without worrying about contacts and glasses. You can jump into a pool without worrying about losing a lens. You can just “wake up & see”. SMILE can fix your vision for every waking moment.

FDA-approved: SMILE is approved to treat nearsightedness & astigmatism so you don’t have to wear prescription glasses or contacts.

More Cost-Effective Than Contacts: Since you won’t have to keep purchasing prescription glasses, contacts and optometric fees, you can spend your money on vacations and funs stuff instead. The average contact lens wearer spends over $600 per year on contacts, supplies, and optometrist fees… That’s $6,000 after only 10 years, or $18,000 after 30 years!

Read more detailed information about the SMILE procedure

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Step 1: Schedule your consultation to determine candidacy (No charge)

Step 2: Understand your best option and feel informed

Step 3: Correct your vision (15 minute laser procedure by an expert)

Congratulations! Life without prescription lenses is “better”

Over 80% of people qualify for SMILE. So, find out if SMILE is “right” for you:


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