The Value Of Seeing Every Moment

Modern Laser Vision Correction: $5,000 

You can’t stand wearing glasses or contacts.

You’ve heard your friends say it was their “best decision ever”.

You imagine… just to being able to wake up & see!


                • All-Laser LASIK / Epi-LASIK / PRK / SMILE  for both eyes (You must be a candidate)
                • The Bay Area’s highest reviewed vision correction surgeon: Dr. Craig Bindi
                • Our “Extended Vision Plan” (Free re-treatment policy), so you’re investment will last
                • Streamlined hassle-free processes:
                  • Online scheduling with Appointiv
                  • Online informed eConsent with DocuSign
                  • Online payment with Quickbooks
                  • Paperless check-in (No clipboards or waiting rooms) by SalesForce
                • No glasses. No contacts.


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About 80% of our patients are good candidates, but for the other 20% we advise that it's safer to NOT have a procedure at this time.
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