All-Laser Lasik

All-Laser LASIK

Modern All-Laser LASIK is largely considered to be the safest and most effective procedure in the entire history of medicine.

Modern All-Laser LASIK is a painless, blade-free laser vision correction procedure that takes a total of 15 minutes to complete for both eyes. Patients can resume normal activities the very next day after LASIK. Advancements in our LASIK technology have greatly improved the safety and accuracy of the procedure since FDA-approval in 1995. Despite LASIK’s technological maturity, no procedure is without risk. Nevertheless, we understand that your eyes and vision are of utmost importance to you. So, to help you become well-informed about the safety of Modern LASIK, we have provided a transparent discussion of the common patient concerns regarding LASIK.

Answers To The Most Common Patient Concerns About LASIK:

    1. LASIK & Realistic Results
    2. LASIK & Safety
    3. LASIK & Night Vision 
    4. LASIK & Dry Eyes
    5. LASIK & Near Vision
    6. LASIK & Cost