Clear Vision, Clear Goals: Stanford Basketball Star Cameron Brink’s Game-Changing Decision for 20/20 Vision

During a game on Tennessee’s court in 2021, Cameron Brink, a sophomore for Stanford, faced difficulties and fell short of her usual performance. The struggle began when one of her contacts fell out, leading to an eye infection. This incident prompted Brink to contemplate more effective solutions for managing her vision challenges during both games and daily life.

Cameron Brink expressed her preference for clear vision and the convenience of not worrying about contacts during games. Vision correction provider EVO ICL approached her with a unique NIL offer, presenting a free procedure, typically valued between $3,000 to $5,000 per eye. Brink, dealing with nearsightedness, had explored LASIK before EVO’s offer. After undergoing the procedure, she is experiencing a standout season, averaging career-high points, rebounds, and assists.

Cameron Brink’s decision to undergo vision correction was influenced by a desire for a smoother season, eliminating variables on game days. Brink opted for a surgery that adds a permanent contact behind the cornea, providing 20/20 vision. The choice was motivated by her frequent experiences of contacts ripping or moving during games, causing added stress.

Brink highlighted the unique challenges faced by athletes with vision issues in high-intensity sports, where contact lens wearers fear hits to the face that could damage or displace their contacts. Prior to her own procedure, Brink consulted with Stephen Curry and her father, who had LASIK after being legally blind.

Excited about a future with reduced eye infection risks and the freedom from carrying spare contacts on the bench, Brink emphasized the everyday joy of clear vision. She expressed relief at no longer considering bad vision a nuisance and welcomed the ease that seeing clearly brings to every aspect of life.


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