Safety-first: COVID

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9 things we do better now to keep you safe…

For 8 weeks, we stopped ALL “in-office” appointments until we could feel confident that our patients & staff would be extremely safe. During this time, we revamped nearly every aspect of our patient care experience to help protect every person who enters the Laser Eye Center. Here’s what we improved:

  1. Our new “paperless check-in” process helps you avoid clipboards, pens and sitting in a waiting room.
  2. Instead of public waiting areas, now we reserve a private room dedicated for each patient or offer in-car waiting.
  3. We reduced the number of people in our clinic at any one time to allow safe social distancing.
  4. Now, we offer online videoconferencing, since many questions can be easily handled online from your home.
  5. Face masks are mandatory for everybody that enters our building (We will gladly provide a mask if need you need one).
  6. We pre-screen each patient for illness or COVID exposure prior to arrival, and will help reschedule.
  7. We do non-contact temperature checks upon arrival (just to make sure!)
  8. To keep everyone’s hands super clean, we’ll provide lots of hand sanitizer and soap at every step.
  9. We disinfect & clean our exam rooms between each patient so you’ll feel safe.

(Our surgical suites have ALWAYS been kept extra clean. So, that part actually remains exactly the same!)