Modern LASIK Outperforms Contacts

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Six Ways Modern LASIK Outperforms Contact Lenses

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Our Modern LASIK Patients

1) Modern LASIK provides BETTER VISION than contact lenses (which is the whole point of vision in the first place!)

  • Over 30% of Modern LASIK patients gain one additional line of vision on the eye chart than was possible with contacts
  • Over 34% of Modern LASIK patients see 20/12, which is 60% better than 20/20!
  • Over 65% of Modern LASIK patients see 20/16, which is 25% better than 20/20!
  • Over 93% of Modern LASIK patients see 20/20 or better
  • The reasons is that Modern LASIK can also treat “high-order” visual aberrations to maximize vision performance, unlike contact lenses. Read more about our Modern LASIK technology

2) Studies show Modern LASIK is SAFER than wearing contacts

  • Infection rates: Soft contact lens-wearers have at least a 6-times higher likelihood of getting a corneal infection compared to LASIK.
  • Night vision clarity: The large majority of patients feel safer driving at night after LASIK compared to contact lenses, as 99% of Modern LASIK patients report that their night vision is “better or the same” compared to contact lenses and feel safer driving at night. But, 1% patients prefer night vision with their contact lenses.

3) LASIK is much more COST-EFFECTIVE than a lifetime of contacts

  • Contact lens-wearers spend on average over $500 per year on contact lenses & solutions, prescription eyewear and optometric fees. Over 20 years, contact lens costs accumulate to over $10,000! So, a think how much money a 25 yer old person could save by selecting to have LASIK instead. With interest-free financing the payments are about $7-8 per day or $200-$235 per month. LASIK usually pays for itself after 5-10 years compared to the status quo of wearing contact lenses.

4) Modern LASIK has a HIGHER OVERALL SATISFACTION than contacts (Actually, it’s not even close!)

  • There’s a reason why you’ve heard people say that LASIK was one of their best decision ever. When all factors are considered, 97% of LASIK patients report being more satisfied with LASIK than with contacts. About 2% of patients reported that satisfaction was equal between LASIK and contact lenses, and 1% of patients were more satisfied with contact lenses than LASIK.

5) LASIK makes life EASIER than dealing with contacts every day

  • Life is more simple when you just wake up and see. No longer do you have to worry about diving into a pool and having a contact lens pop out. 
  • When you travel, you don’t have to pack contact lens solutions, backup eyeglass prescriptions, etc. 
  • LASIK is one thing you can do for yourself that can actually make EVERY WAKING MOMENT a little easier and a little better.

6) Having LASIK is MORE COMFORTABLE than wearing contacts

  • Compare a one-time Modern LASIK treatment to the daily aggravation of wearing your dried-out contacts lenses all day long. We understand! Fortunately, those contact lenses go away after LASIK!
  • The Modern LASIK procedure takes 10 minutes to complete, it doesn’t hurt, and patients can return to work the next day. There are no IV lines, no needles,  and no blades, You’re given an effective sedation pill, powerful numbing eye drops and the treatment is done with only modern lasers. Now, Modern LASIK isn’t just “as good as contacts… it’s better”.

Reference: Ophthalmology. 2016 Aug;123(8):1659-1666.