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What Can You Realistically Expect To Pay for Quality LASIK in the Bay Area?

At the Laser Eye Center, we strive to provide the best vision correction care possible at a
fair market value with our middle-of-the-road pricing policy. While we aren’t a discount
surgery center, we continually monitor the cost of LASIK around the Bay Area to make sure
that we are competitively priced compared to other reputable surgeons.

Recent Report Analyzed the Actual Cost of LASIK:
Recently, a leading industry analyst published a report, which compared LASIK pricing among
1,900 refractive surgeons and laser centers from across the nation. The results showed that the
average “out the door” cost for LASIK was about $2,150 per eye (or $4,300 for both eyes). The
average final cost was a few hundred dollars more than this for the most advanced technology,
such as Wavefront IntraLASIK, and a few hundred dollars less for standard technology. One of
the most interesting conclusions of this report was that there was a fairly narrow cost range
(about $300) for the final “total” cost of LASIK regardless which surgeon performed the procedure
when using similar technology. While factors other than “price” should be more important when
selecting an eye surgeon, this report showed that “price” was not a major differentiating point
after all. Fortunately, this means that patients have the liberty to choose any refractive surgeon
that they believe will be the most qualified for their once-in-a-lifetime vision correction procedure.

As of 2012, advertised Bay Area LASIK prices range from $499* per eye (*major restrictions apply!)
to $3,200 per eye (prior to discounts). Why such a range? After disregarding “bait & switch” teaser
rates, a few conclusions can be made about LASIK cost. First, more advanced laser technologies,
such as Wavefront Technology or All Laser LASIK, cost more than standard technology. Second,
surgeons who have more experience and are personally involved with direct patient care may
charge more. Lastly, unpopular facilities may advertise discount surgery fees in attempt to boost
surgery volume. Currently, one can realistically expect to spend between $3,000 to $5,000 total
for LASIK in the Bay Area. With “2 year interest-free” financing, this ranges from $125 to $206 per
month, respectively, for 24 months.

Trends – Historical Average Cost of LASIK per eye

The price for LASIK trended downward from 1995 to 2001. After 2001, the average price of LASIK
gradually rose each year but plateaued since 2009. The introduction of more advanced technologies,
such as Wavefront technology and All-Laser IntraLASIK, has stratified the cost for laser vision
correction into pricing tiers. As the benefits of using the advanced technologies became more
established, the percentage of higher-priced Wavefront IntraLASIK procedures outpaced the
percentage of lower cost Standard LASIK procedures. This shift accounted for the rise in “average”
price. However, when making “apple-to-apples” comparisons, the actual cost of Wavefront LASIK
and All-laser IntraLASIK procedures have not risen over recent years, probably because of the
sluggish U.S. economy.

How Much Are The Payments? Sample Financing Chart from CareCredit® 2010:

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost

LASIK Cost Comparison (example)
How much did you spend on your cell phone bill last month? To put things into perspective,
compare the one-time expense of LASIK vs. your monthly cell phone bill and the accruing
expense of glasses/contacts over the next 20 years. (Sample assumes a cell phone bill of
$50 per month, glasses/contacts at $500 per year and national average LASIK pricing)

San Jose LASIK Eye Surgery

Next, consider the priceless value that having great vision would have on your quality of life
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