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LASIK Excimer Laser TechnologyHow is the Allegretto Wave laser different from its predecessors?

As excimer laser technology evolved, the Allegretto Wave was solely created to produce higher quality vision and more natural night vision results compared to all previous excimer lasers. This German-engineered laser treats nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism and was specifically designed to preserve/improve night vision after LASIK with its unique “wavefront-optimized” and “wavefront-guided” treatment profiles. Its proprietary ablation profile results in a more natural optical shape for the human cornea.

How does the laser make a difference in the results of the LASIK vision correction procedures?
By treating larger optical zones with a diameter of up to 8 mm, post-operative glare and halos are minimized. It’s common to hear patients say their vision is better than when they wore contact lenses or eyeglasses.

As the fastest excimer laser available on the market, 93% of all laser treatments take less than 15 seconds.
Prior excimer lasers would take up to 90 seconds to complete the treatment, thereby exposing the cornea to dehydration and over-corrections. The Allegretto Laser has a faster repetition frequency rate to minimize corneal dehydration and improve accuracy and shorten procedure times.

The ‘closed loop’ tracking assures safer procedures.
The Allegretto Wave laser features a patented closed loop eye tracking technology, which translates to this laser’s ability to instantaneously track and adjust to each tiny eye movement during the treatment. Just in case your eye makes a large movement, this laser will just pause until you return to perfect alignment before it resumes the treatment to completion.
The Allegretto Wave is currently the best selling laser system in the world.