About Us

We don’t just improve your vision. We change your life.

Dr. Craig Bindi at the Laser Eye Center is one of the top LASIK and refractive surgeons in the Bay Area, and is ranked in the 99th percentile among US eye doctors. He has provided over 40,000 patients with the freedom to live every day with the best vision possible.

One on One Patient Care

Our patients’ experience is our top priority. Dr. Bindi and our staff will ensure you have an exceptional care every step of the way.

Dr. Bindi Consultation

At the

We take the time to understand your vision problems, address your questions, and provide you with the best solution.

the Procedure

We ensure you’re feeling relaxed and comfortable, the process is quick and pain-free, and you have virtually zero downtime.

After the Surgery

The Next Day

We look forward to hearing about how you started your day with totally clear, absolutely perfect vision.

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