5 Key Benefits Of The KAMRA Inlay

Near Vision

Near Vision

The KAMRA Inlay is a small, implantable lens designed to correct problems with near vision. Think of the KAMRA Inlay like a permanent contact lens for people who need reading glasses. The technology works like the lens of a camera, focusing light to the back of the eye through a narrow aperture.

But the KAMRA Inlay is far smaller, safer and healthier than any contact lens. And because one eye will remain corrected for long-range vision, you will have 20/20 eyesight at every distance. Here are 5 key benefits of the KAMRA Inlay:

1) No Reading Glasses

Near Vision

Most people need reading glasses after a certain age due to the development of an age-related condition called presbyopia. Others are simply born far-sighted. But the KAMRA Inlay can eliminate the need for reading glasses entirely. There will be no need to carry glasses around or hold books out at a distance.

2) Improved Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Digital eye strain is an increasingly common problem. People who have to work long hours at a desk can develop dried-out, irritated eyes. The problems associated with computer vision syndrome are exacerbated when someone has difficulty reading up close. Thankfully, the KAMRA Inlay helps you read at close range without having to squint or rub your eyes. It also lets your eyes breathe. This brings me to my next point.

3) Minimal Impact

KAMRA Technology

The KAMRA Inlay is healthier than any standard contact lens, because it has 8,400 high precision, laser etched micro-openings to allow air and vital nutrients to flow over the surface of your eye. This prevents your eyes from becoming too dry. The entire Inlay weighs less than a grain of salt, and is inserted in a minimally invasive procedure that lasts less than 15 minutes. The FDA has approved the KAMRA Inlay as a safe and reliable surgical procedure.

4) Retain Distance Vision

Unlike reading glasses, the KAMRA Inlay allows you to retain distance vision in both eyes. This includes stereo vision, depth perception and binocularity. There will be no need for extra glasses or extensive surgery; the KAMRA Inlay allows you to see well at every range.

5) Totally Removable

Eye Exam

Still unsure? Well, the KAMRA Inlay is totally reversible, so you will have all the time in the world to change your mind! The Inlay itself can be removed with a simple and painless procedure that allows you to revert to a different form of vision correction. There is no risk to the eye, and your near vision will not be permanently affected by the implantation of a KAMRA Inlay.


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