All-Laser Wavefront LASIK

All Laser Wavefront LASIK

The most common method of custom laser vision correction

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All-Laser Wavefront LASIK is a painless, blade-less laser vision correction procedure that takes a total of 15 minutes to complete for both eyes. Patients can resume normal activities and return to work the very next day after LASIK. Advancements in All-Laser LASIK have improved the safety and accuracy of the procedure. Nevertheless, we understand that your eyes and vision are of utmost importance to you. To help you become well-informed about the safety of LASIK, below is a transparent discussion of the common patient concerns regarding LASIK.

Most Common Patient Concerns About LASIK:

LASIK & Realistic Results

LASIK & Safety

LASIK & Night Vision 

LASIK & Dry Eyes

LASIK & Near Vision

LASIK & Cost