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  We have systematically optimized every aspect of our patient care experience, just to make things “better”.

San Jose LASIK Surgeon

We are always looking for a “better way” to care for our patients. Our company’s guiding principles
are centered on providing optimal safety & results, prioritizing “concierge-style” patient care, and
setting high standards for excellence.

Safety & Results
First and foremost, I never forget what we are trying to accomplish for you: To get the very safest
and best vision results possible. Our Laser Eye Center offers the most advanced vision correction
available, anywhere! On this website, I readily share the substantial scientific evidence that “All-Laser”
Wavefront IntraLASIK currently provides the best possible results, highest safety profile and fastest
recovery compared with all other versions of LASIK. I am not alone in this regard as Wavefront
IntraLASIK is the only version of LASIK officially approved by the US Navy, US Air Force and NASA.
Since some people are not candidates for LASIK, I also share my rationale for deciding when other
options, such as Epi-LASIK, lens implants or no surgery, are more appropriate.

Concierge-Style Patient Care
We treat our patients like dignified people, not like cattle! Our style may seem “old school” in an
age of HMOs and corporate LASIK chains, but our patients seem to appreciate the upgrade to
undivided personal attention. We prefer to personally provide “in house” patient care for our patients.
Please compare this standard to other LASIK centers throughout the Bay Area. If a LASIK business
has several locations or a “referral pyramid”, do you know who will be taking care of YOU after surgery?
The mere thought of eye surgery can make some people cringe. We understand! Over the years, we
have found many ways to make the process as easy as possible. For extra anxious patients, we are
quite experienced in offering comfortable sedation, effective eye drop anesthesia, eye-tracking lasers,
a device to prevent our patients from blinking during the treatment (and we’ll even hold your hand,
if desired). Some centers display their LASIK operating room directly to public waiting areas, making
their patients feel like they’re having surgery on stage in a fishbowl observatory. Designed for your
comfort, our high tech operating suites are private. Since we are proud of what we do, your loved ones
may observe your procedure through a private display window, with your approval.

High Standards
At the Laser Eye Center, our veteran team has developed a reputation for treating our patients
like “patients”, not “consumers” that are being sold something. The field of Laser Vision Correction
is competitive. Nevertheless, other community physicians are my colleagues, not my competition.
If you’d like me to suggest another surgeon, I’d be glad to refer you elsewhere. Built on a
long-standing tradition of excellence, our unique practice cannot be replicated by just any
LASIK place. While our laser facility is ultra-modern, the way that we take care of people could
be considered quite “old fashioned”.

Sincerely, Craig Bindi