If you’ve decided that life with glasses and contact lenses just isn’t for you anymore, you’re in luck. If you’re looking for LASIK in the Bay Area, the Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley has a variety of procedures available. Remember, not all LASIK procedures are the same and the one you undergo will depend on your individual needs. Here are a few of the LASIK procedures that we perform on a routine basis:

Wavefront LASIK-

This is a refinement of the standard LASIK procedure, which enhances your vision to 20/20 or better as well as improving your night vision. Halo effects of the past have been reduced to an extremely low probability of occurring. Because of Wavefront LASIK’s accuracy, the need for re-treatment has also been reduced significantly.

All-Laser Wavefront LASIK-

This refinement of the Wavefront LASIK procedure has furthered the accuracy and safety of your treatment. The microkeratome blade used has been replaced by a femtosecond laser, which eliminates the slim chance of blade related complications or anxiety. This procedure is especially beneficial for patients with astigmatism.

Wavefront Epi-LASIK-

This procedure is the treatment of choice for patients with asymmetrically shaped corneas or thin corneas. This is a breakthrough for patients who weren’t eligible for LASIK previously.

You can learn more by setting up a consultation and talking to a surgeon.